Learning to pace the hobbies

“Use a knife.” “No, use a towel!”” “No, just hit the edge of it against the bench top.” My sister and I were fighting over who was going to open the sticky jam jar lid (deep into mothering mode - mothers can do anything, don’t you know?) and having a laugh. Well, we...

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Kylie Frost takes on Ironman 2019

2019 Ironman Dreams - Kylie Frost won't let Ankylosing Spondylitis get in the way When I first said 3 years ago I was going to do a triathlon, everyone thought I was insane. I had no idea of the distance or what was involved. I was so weak I wasn’t allowed to actually...

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This is me, Tiffany

I was a fourteen year old and started feeling pain in my wrist. I played sport so first I thought it was an injury. One year later I was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

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A sense of satisfaction

Have survived another year, with some outside assistance from vets ‘n quacks, usually as a last ditch response to keep workmates and the hut wife happy so the normally silent channel may resume. This person is grateful for the support, and caring nature of those in this tiny inner circle.

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Getting through difficult times

Life has thrown a lot at me during the past 18 months or so. So many changes in a relatively short time has challenged my emotional and physical limits. Perhaps you can relate. Loss I’m from the United States, so when my mother was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour...

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Loneliness of the mind

This person feels like battling the loneliness of the mind. In-between, the loneliness lives on, not literally, just in the head, and more on that battle in a minute or three. It’s all about keeping moving, not letting the grass grow; and maintaining the silence. We...

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How my journey began

Hi there, I am new to this but would like to share a bit of my journey that I have been on. I am 43 years old and a Registered Nurse. I live with my husband and two amazing children aged 12 and 14. About 2 and a half weeks prior to Christmas I started waking up in the...

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