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Most of our services have moved to online platforms, as we respond to the need for reliable contactless ways to provide information and advice to people with arthritis as well as educate support workers and health professionals about how to better care for people with arthritis.

Therefore, the number of face-to-face activities we run has significantly reduced.

If you would like more information on what digital services we offer, please phone 0800 663 463 or email info@arthritis.org.nz.

Cycle Forward Whanganui

Cycle Forward is a cycling programme aimed at people of all ages who have knee or hip arthritis. It is a six week programme to help you get back to cycling with your arthritis. You will receive guidance and instruction from health professionals who you can trust. This...

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Arthritis New Zealand
Do you have scleroderma? Do you know someone with scleroderma? Watch this video to understand the condition better.#autoimmunearthritis ...
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Morena and Happy Friday!Who had a cold commute to work this morning?Today was the first day I wore Hat and gloves, thanks to the wonderful volunteers who are donating their knitted items to Project Knitwell! If you need some warm woolies check out our shop on our website www.arthritis.org.nz/shop/ and support our fundraiser! x Tory ...
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Introducing our brand new Peer Support Service! Contact us for more information, to become a peer supporter, or to use the service! 0800 663 463 or email info@arthritis.org.nz#arthritissupport ...
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If you are over 65 you can get a free flu vaccine from your local community pharmacy now. From Monday (17 May) people with an eligible medical condition will be able to get a free flu vaccine from their local community pharmacy.Also from Monday, anyone who doesn’t qualify for a free vaccine will be able to pay to protect themselves from flu and be vaccinated at their local pharmacy.Talk to your community pharmacist today to find out more. ...
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Conquering an Ironman while living with a painful diseaseSix years ago, Kylie Frost needed crutches to walk due to a painful lifelong disease called ankylosing spondylitis.This year, she smashed through the gruelling 17-hour Ironman triathlon! ...
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