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What is Lupus?

Arthritis Educator Cathie Dowell explains what lupus is, the signs and symptoms it can cause, how it is diagnosed, and the treatments available and some self-management tips to take away.

Tuesday, 3 November at 12 noon

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Gardening and Arthritis

Arthritis Educator Jane will talk about gardening and arthritis. Tips and advice on when to garden, how much gardening is safe and other useful information for those that enjoy gardening.

Tuesday, 17 November at 11 am

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Lupus Talks

Thursday, 5 November at 12 noon.

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Gardening and Arthritis

Thursday, 19 November at 2 pm.

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Digital Services Survey

Arthritis New Zealand has worked to provide community support at a demanding time for all of us. We have increased our online information and education in addition to maintaining the telephone support service. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to develop and improve these services.

This short survey has 15 questions and will only take a few minutes to complete. Your feedback will be very useful for our planning.

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How to make gardening easier and possible when you have arthritis. Arthritis Educator Jane offers some tools and tips to help.

To find useful gardening tools, visit Bunnings or Mitre10 and ask for garden tools designed for people with arthritis, the elderly, or for people with physical limitations.

Or have a look at the links in the video description.


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Please comment below with the reason you donate/d and what you’d like to see us doing with your donations? ...

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The team organising the Teen's Weekend are working hard to ensure a great programme of fun and learning. Don't miss out on this opportunity!! It's all expenses paid so you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Teen's Weekend 2021
22-24 January 2021 @ El Rancho, Waikanae

Please email for more information or an application form. Applications due by Tuesday 1 December 2020

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3 days ago

Arthritis New Zealand

Arthritis Question Time is a series of short clips to answer common questions. ...

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COVID-19: Exemption Card for public transport

The Ministry of Health announced on 19 November that face coverings are mandatory for:

1. People travelling on public transport services in, into and out of the Auckland region (except for children under 12 years of age and a person who has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask or face covering safely or comfortably — this can include a range of people such as those with a disability or asthma)
2. The drivers of small passenger service vehicles in Auckland, such as taxis and app-based ride services, but not their passengers
3. People travelling on passenger flights throughout New Zealand

We know that some people who have a disability or health condition may not be able to wear a face-covering safely or comfortably. To help with this, an Exemption Card has been developed that can be shown when in public if necessary, for example, to transport operators.

Users are not required to show the card, but they may feel comfortable showing something official that confirms they are exempt from wearing a face covering.

The use of this card is self-regulated and decided upon by the individual. We encourage New Zealanders to do the right thing and only use this Exemption Card if they need to.

Accessing the card

Individuals who believe they need this Card can call Healthline for free on 0800 358 5453 for more information. Healthline will be able to provide advice to those who ring and provide a printable version of the Card or supply users with a version that can be saved and shown from a smartphone. Healthline will be able to talk through options for those unable to access a printer or show it from their phones.

Digital versions of the Card have so far been shared with Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs) including Blind Citizens NZ, Deaf Aotearoa, Disabled People’s Assembly and People First.
The Card is available in credit card, A4 or A5 size.
Once users have the Card, they can decide whether or not they wish to use it. They will not be required to display this Card, but are encouraged to have it with them.

If you have any questions around the Card or need any further assistance please contact

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