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Complementary therapies from a naturopath’s perspective

What are complementary and alternative therapies and how can they help you?

This webinar will be presented by Jo Clarke, a Naturopath at Blackmores NZ, who is passionate about natural health and wellbeing. Jo has a Bachelor of Naturopathy, Diploma in Nutrition, Diploma in Herbal Medicine and has worked in the natural health industry for the past 12 years.

This webinar is supported by Blackmores.

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Arthritis New Zealand has worked to provide community support at a demanding time for all of us. We have increased our online information and education in addition to maintaining the telephone support service. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to develop and improve these services.

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Arthritis New Zealand

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Tory’s Top Tips for Managing her OsteoarthritisMindfulness tips can be found at the following ...
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Lockdown and alert level changes can be hard on our mental health. If you find yourself struggling; you are not alone.Here are some wellbeing tips and links to gain more ...
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How arthritis may have impacted an individual's way of using hair dryers:Survey Link: ...
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We are developing monthly themes for our education on social media and during March our focus will be on osteoarthritis In this clip Lori talks about how she manages her hand osteoarthritis . Do you have a tip for managing osteoarthritis to share with us?Our focus next month will be Nutrition and in May we will focus on autoimmune conditions- watch out for tips, webinars and information on the latest research. ...
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2 weeks ago

Arthritis New Zealand
Join our Gout Arthritis Support Group ...
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Gout is the only "curable" arthritis we have. With a clear-cut target.

Reduce uric acid below a certain threshold, keep it there & over time, episodes reduce & finally stop via @ConversationEDU

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