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20 November 2019: Employment and arthritis – things you should know

30 October 2019: Travel insurance and your arthritis

17 July 2019: How people with arthritis can prepare for an emergency in New Zealand

30 May 2019: Benefits that may be available for people with arthritis in New Zealand

28 March 2019: Child disability allowances and disability benefits for children with arthritis 

14 March 2019: Understanding Bone Health to Prevent Fractures

12 December 2018: Sjogren’s Syndrome – What is it and what can be done?

31 October 2018: Exercise Guidelines for Ankylosing Spondylitis

16th November 2017: Managing Long Term Pain

Long term pain does not have to rule your life. Learning about how pain works can help you understand why you hurt and how to manage it. Learn more about the body’s pain response, plus self-management tools such as exercise, joint protection, and appropriate medication.

The webinar is presented in 3 parts, none of which are “stand alone” pieces of information and each should be viewed to receive most benefit.

This Arthritis New Zealand initiative has been supported by Pfizer New Zealand, who has provided financial assistance. Arthritis New Zealand retains full editorial control and the content and opinions do not necessarily represent the views of Pfizer New Zealand.

8 May 2018: Managing Foot Pain

11 July 2018: Fibromyalgia: Hard to manage?

21 May 2018: Gout Arthritis Management

Stop Gout 2016

2 July 2018: Juvenile idiopathic arthritis: the pre-school years

3 October 2016: Even kids get arthritis



Mahe Drysdale - victory over arthritis

by Mahe Drysdale | Olympic champion rower Mahe Drysdale on Radio Live, discussing arthritis.

Managing hip and knee OA

by Kim Bennell | Learn more about the management of hip and knee osteoarthritis with Professor Kim Bennell from the University of Melbourne.

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