Speak To A Peer About Your Arthritis!

Speak to someone who has the same type of arthritis and is of a similar age as you


The Peer Support Service volunteers is a group of trained volunteers who have arthritis and are responsible for providing non-clinical one-on-one telephone peer support to New Zealanders living with arthritis, which includes advice and experience of living with arthritis.

Talk to a Peer SupporterBecome a Peer Supporter

How Does The Peer Support Service Work?

We provide training to volunteers who have arthritis so that they can become Peer Supporters and support newly diagnosed people with arthritis as well as those who have had arthritis for some time and need support from someone who understands.

“Peer Support helped me get through a difficult time, I found someone who actually understood me.”

Call now on 0800 663 463 to connect with someone you can share your experience with!

Got Questions?

If you have further questions, please fill out the contact form and our Volunteer Co-ordinator will be in touch as soon as possible.

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