Who Is In Your Health Team?

There can be many different health practitioners involved in your ongoing care. These people become your health team. They all have different roles in supporting you. Having arthritis can be a stressful experience; it can change the way you do things every day, and it can take time to get your head around who and what needs to be in place to support you. Identifying who is in your health team is an important part of the journey to living well with arthritis.

You are at the centre of your health team

Each practitioner in your health team has a different role but…you are the key team member! You are the one who understands your personal experience of arthritis, how it affects your life, and what you need to stay well. Think of yourself as the centre of the flower – you need a close relationship with all the petals!

Write down who is on your team, how to contact them, and what their role is in your well-being. Be prepared to advocate for yourself – ask for what you need, ask questions until you understand, follow up if you don’t hear back, keep a record of what is happening with your treatment, and diarise things you want to follow up.

Your team doesn’t just include doctors and specialists – your wellness is made up of multiple types of members. Have a look below and think about who you have on your team!

The Three Types of Health Professionals in Your Team

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