Project Knit Well

Get yourself a lovely knitted garment from the Project Knit Well volunteers!

Arthritis New Zealand has partnered with a group of knitting volunteers in what we call Project Knit Well.

The knitters make hats, beanies, scarves, gloves, socks, booties, and leg warmers for you to buy from Arthritis NZ to help raise funds to keep our Arthritis Assist services available.

Each item is specially crafted for our audience and no two are alike! See what we have available and support the work Arthritis NZ does in helping improve the lives of people affected by arthritis.

Knitting and Arthritis

Some people with arthritis find that knitting is a useful pain management tool known as Distraction. Keeping up with hobbies you love is also a crucial tool in your pain management box.

Arthritis Australia have some great tips to make knitting easier on your hands if you have arthritis – Smart Tricks to Make Needlework With Arthritis Finger-Friendly

Shop the range

Beanies and Hats

Keep warm during the colder months by wearing one of our Project Knit Well Beanies or Hats.


Browse the different types of gloves available. The range usually includes fingerless, mittens, and hybrids of gloves and mittens (pictured).

Slippers and Booties

Keep your feet warm around the house or in bed with these woollen booties and slippers.

Calling All Knitters!

Do you like knitting or crocheting? Would you like to be part of Project Knit Well and donate your knitting to a good cause? For more information and to register for the project please phone 0800 663 463 or email us at

Latest Volunteer News

There are many different types of volunteers. Some share their stories to help raise awareness, some are part of smaller groups, some are Peer Supporters and others knit well and donate their masterpieces to Arthritis New Zealand to sell for a donation.

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