Arthritis New Zealand was invited to speak as part of an informative series of community health lectures hosted by the University of Otago and funded through the Care Foundation. The lecture specifically focussed on educating and empowering the Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough public about Osteoarthritis. With a remarkable turnout, the lecture proved to be an enlightening and empowering event for attendees equipping them with valuable knowledge on managing their Osteoarthritis.

Prof. Haxby Abbott, an expert in Osteoarthritis from the University of Otago, provided a comprehensive introduction to Osteoarthritis. He spoke about the causes behind the condition, its impact on individuals and the available treatment options. Professor Abbott’s insights helped the audience grasp the nature of Osteoarthritis and its effects on their daily lives.

Alice Scranney, a physiotherapist at Nelson Hospital, emphasised how movement plays a vital role in effectively managing Osteoarthritis. She shared practical tips and techniques for daily life, highlighting its benefits in reducing pain, improving joint mobility and empowering overall quality of life.

The lecture’s final speakers were our own Tory Garnham and Dr Richard Griffiths of Arthritis New Zealand, who shed light on the various avenues through which individuals could access support for Osteoarthritis, highlighting the range of resources and support services such as support groups, education materials, and assistance in navigating the healthcare system. This session ensured that no one would have to face Osteoarthritis alone by equipping attendees with knowledge of available support networks.

It was fantastic to see such a keen interest in learning about Osteoarthritis; the lecture highlighted the significance of involving the community in addressing health issues.

“It was wonderful to share the stage with other experts working in the Osteoarthritis arena and offer a range of practical, evidence-based information about this arthritic condition to a packed lecture theatre and online attendees. I wish we had had an additional hour to share more insights and information about how we can help support consumers in the Nelson Marlborough region who have Osteoarthritis. We can’t wait to visit again and reconnect with arthritis consumers!” – Dr Griffiths.

Alice Scranney, a physiotherapist at Nelson Hospital

Alice Scranney, Physiotherapist at Nelson Hospital.

Dr Richard Griffiths and Kenn Butler, former Arthritis NZ Board Member

Dr Richard Griffiths and Kenn Butler, former Arthritis NZ Board Member.

Prof Haxby Abbott

Prof Haxby Abbott, Expert in Osteoarthritis, University of Otago.

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