We know that the idea of self-management can sometimes be confusing. For some, it sounds like you are on your own living with a long-term condition like arthritis.

This is not true.

Self-management is about having the information, skills and confidence to take charge and improve the quality of your life.

Key aspects of self-management include understanding your health condition and working together with your health team.

Building a partnership relationship with your health team is key to support communication, shared decision making and coordination of health care.

What does all that mean?

It might sound overwhelming but our role at Arthritis New Zealand is to provide information and support to enable you to be an active self-manager. To put you in the driving seat of your self-management.

We do that in several different ways

  • Learn about your condition on our website, through online courses or phone the 0800 663 463 number to speak to an arthritis educator who will help you start your self-management journey
  • We help you understand who is in your health team and how to make the most of your appointments
  • We help you connect with others with the same or a similar health condition/s as it’s important to share experiences because it can boost confidence and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Living well with arthritis can seem like a hard-to-reach goal, especially when you are first diagnosed. You may feel discouraged and wonder how you will manage to live with arthritis every day. 

The truth is, it takes time to find the best combination of medications, treatments and lifestyle modifications, such as exercise, to help you cope with pain and live well with arthritis. There is no single remedy for everyone and finding the best combination is a journey. 

Watch the video below.

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