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Many life-altering moments have happened, thanks to the coronavirus. The pandemic and the accompanying recession have had a significant impact, but whatever challenges you’re facing, there are solutions to help you overcome. Check out these six strategies for thriving despite pandemic conditions.

1. Approach Career Changes from a Healthy Perspective

Getting let go from a job may feel like the end of the world. Similarly, starting on a new professional path can also feel daunting, especially if you’re navigating the world of telecommuting. But the good news is you are not alone. Even with a gap on your resume, you’ll find that a positive, can-do attitude goes a long way toward securing and succeeding in whatever field you find yourself in. Work on building your remote work skills and keep an eye out for potential opportunities while making ends meet.

2. Smooth Transitions with Set Routines

While returning home at the end of the day used to signal relaxation time, being home all day may now mean complete chaos at all hours. Moving Alert Levels with little notice adds to the anxiety and chaos. To streamline your family’s activities at home — while bouncing between Alert Levels — establish a routine for the entire household. Whether that means working in the evenings once your kids are offline or banishing technology before breakfast, set up a routine that can work for Alert Levels 2 and 3.

3. Establish Guidelines for Daily Activities

With everyone circulating throughout the house, you’ll likely encounter arguments between siblings, messes in every room, and the occasional hangry teen rummaging through the fridge. Head off some of these issues by setting guidelines for your activities each day. Keeping family mealtimes, for example, avoids unhealthy snacking and affords everyone an opportunity for reconnection. Setting aside time for you and your partner alone can help you learn about your relationship. Therapy and counselling — whether individually or as a couple — can also help you move forward together.

4. Ease Tension with a Home Refresh

Being stuck at home with your family has likely resulted in meaningful connections and enjoyable moments. But it may also lead to complaints, arguments, and overly critical judgments, in some cases. To help welcome positivity back into your household, give it a refresh by nixing negative energy. Declutter each living area, do a deep-clean to banish germs and circulate fresh air. You’ll soon find that your family notices the positive changes and responds in kind.

5. Give Yourself a Break

Though social distancing throws a wrench in your recreation opportunities, it also offers solutions to problems that busy families have often experienced. For one thing, grocery pickup and delivery have made life simpler for households that don’t have the time or patience for hours-long shopping trips. Give yourself permission to take the simpler route when it comes to things like grocery shopping and meal prep. 

6. Keep Moving Wherever You Can

With gyms opening and closing on the regular according to Alert Levels, it may be challenging to stay active. It is important to fit exercise into your daily life. Physical activity helps you burn calories and stay fit, and keeps muscles strong so that they can better support arthritic joints. See what exercises could work for you.

There’s no magic solution for surviving the yo-yo lockdown of the pandemic with your health, sanity, and bank account intact. But with these solutions, adapting to daily living despite COVID-19 restrictions and impacts is a bit easier.

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