This Is What Arthritis Looks Like

Arthritis is painful. The hardest part of having Arthritis is reduced mobility.

Cathie (56) was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the knees at the age of 45 and said she often feels depressed because she can’t do the things she wants to do, like go for walks, do gardening, go shopping on her own, or even visit her daughter because the ground she needs to walk on is too uneven.

“Arthritis is unacceptable because it makes me miss out on a lot in life. I have pain all of the time. It gets me especially bad when I have to stand in one place for too long, and bending my knees afterwards is agony. It is a major stabbing pain.”

Cathie prefers to only use pain medication when absolutely necessary as she is concerned about the long term effects of using Panadol too much. The rest of the time she “just puts up with the pain”.

Cathie wants the world to know how debilitating having Arthritis is. It affects your daily living in ways you don’t realise until you have Arthritis.

“I have to put trousers and shoes on sitting down because I can’t bend my knees far enough. I can’t cook full meals because standing in the kitchen for too long causes me pain.”

Everyone is affected by Arthritis. Cathie’s daughter goes clothes shopping with her and has to be in the changing room with her to help her try the clothes on.

“I would prefer to have a knee replacement now so I can do things while still young. I wouldn’t mind as much if I lost my mobility when I’m elderly – I would rather be more able now than later.”

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