This is an important announcement from Pharmac regarding gout arthritis medication:

Benzbromarone no longer available

Pharmac is apologetic to announce that it is no longer able to get a supply of benzbromarone. That means that you will need to change to another medicine for your gout arthritis.

Talk to your doctor

Pharmac has written to the doctor who prescribes benzbromarone for you and asked that they contact you to discuss the different medicines that you could use instead to treat your gout arthritis.

If your doctor has not contacted you, please contact them to talk about changing your medicines.

Expert advice

Doctors have been informed that three New Zealand gout arthritis experts are available to help your doctor and help work out the best medicine for you to treat your gout arthritis and any other health conditions you have.

These gout arthritis experts are: Dr Nicola Dalbeth, Rheumatologist; Dr Peter Gow, Rheumatologist; and Leanne Te Karu, Pharmacist Prescriber.

For more information, visit PHARMAC

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