Summer Scholarships


Summer Scholarships: Short term research projects involving graduate students.

  • Professor Keith Rome: An evaluation of foot and ankle muscle strength in people with gout
  • Professor Lisa Stamp: Systematic literature review of the effects of urate lowering on clinical outcomes in gout
  • Associate Professor Ashvin Thambyah: Microstructural changes associated with early joint degeneration in an equine model of osteoarthritis

Summer scholarships in health research related to arthritis are available to support promising undergraduate and honours students wishing to be involved in a research project over the summer vacation (usually ten weeks).

The purpose of Arthritis New Zealand summer scholarships is to engage and support students in research in the area of arthritis under the supervision of an experienced researcher. Summer scholarships are granted for small research projects allowing students to develop valuable research skills. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Research projects should be related to arthritis with the precise topic to be determined by the applicant and their supervisor. Arthritis New Zealand research priorities are attached.

If ethics approval is required for the summer scholarship, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that this is obtained. Please include your ethics approval application if required.

Within four weeks of completion of the studentship, a report is required from the student, in collaboration with their supervisor, outlining the work carried out by them while funded by the Arthritis New Zealand summer scholarship as well as any outcomes resulting from their research (such as publications).

The value of each scholarship is $5,000.


Application is by letter, which should include:

  1. Title of the proposed research.
  2. An outline (not more than two pages) of the proposed research and its expected completion time. This should include purpose aims and methodology.
  3. Supervisors Name, position, department, contact details and summary of the qualifications and recent publication record of the supervisor(s).
  4. Any co- investigators.
  5. An outline of the selection process for a suitable candidate.
  6. Potential research outputs – eg article for Arthritis New Zealand, peer reviewed journal, conference poster.

Successful projects will be notified by September.

Email your application to

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