Kai / Food Support

Services to help you get the nutrition you need.

Government Funded Support


If you have a disability or ongoing health problems, ask for an assessment to see if you can get help with home help with cooking, getting meals delivered (for example meals on wheels), shopping for food, or help to see a specialist if you have a special diet.

There is government support available if you need help with meals because you:

  • have ongoing or age-related health problems
  • live with a disability,
  • were injured or disabled in an accident,
  • are recovering after hospital treatment and need help for a short while.

If you have a Community Services Card, help with meal preparation and other household management services is free.

Cooking and meals | New Zealand Government

pātaka kai

For assistance with food/kai – Click Here 

If you need some extra kai, or you have extra kai to give, no fuss, no forms, no judgement – Home – PĀTAKA KAI

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