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Arthritis Assist services offer support and guidance to people with arthritis, their families and their support team.

Through compassionate listening and evidence-based guidance (pain management, nutrition, mindfulness and exercise), our aim is to empower you to find your way to live well with arthritis.

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0800 663 463 for advice and support

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Calls to our 0800 number are free.

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We are working on integrating a booking system that will allow you to schedule complimentary consultations with our skilled arthritis assistance team. In the meantime, kindly utilise the form below and our arthritis assistance team will contact you.

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Arthritis Assist Services do not provide diagnoses or prescriptions. However, we have specialised staff available on a part-time basis to offer clinical information regarding arthritis management. It’s important to consult with your healthcare provider for personalised medical guidance and treatment plans.

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