World Lupus Awareness day Thursday 10th May

Lupus is an auto immune illness that can affect your joints, muscles and even skin. By ‘autoimmune’ we mean that certain antibodies in your system fight with healthy body tissues, resulting in painful inflammation, fatigue and many other symptoms.

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We’ve been chatting to people with lupus in this past week, asking them what they want the world to know about living with lupus. Here are some of the things they’ve said:

  • “It’s more common than you realise”
  • “Anyone can get it, there’s no cure”
  • “Everyone sees you as happy and healthy but inside you have to work at moving your body, not falling asleep at your desk because you’ve been up half the night as you can’t get comfortable or just getting up in the morning – they don’t see the struggle. It’s an effort every day”
  • “It affects absolutely everything. Even the good days where there is little or no pain, it’s always at the front of your mind that what you are doing today is more than likely going to have you in agony tomorrow

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