Cambridge Support Group

Venue: St Andrews Church Hall
Address: 85 Hamilton Rd, Cambridge
When: Third Tuesday of each month
Time: 1.30 pm
Contact: Danika Connolly
Tel: 027 312 3645
Email: use contact form below

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Contact Support Group

Venue: St Clare’s Church
Address: 97 Tuhikaramea Rd, Dinsdale, Hamilton
When: Last Wednesday every month
Time: 1:30 pm
Contact: Liz Karl  
Tel: 07 823 6892
To email, fill in the form below

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Te Awamutu Support Group

Venue: RSA Clubrooms
Address: Alexandra Street, Te Awamutu
When: Fourth Wednesday of each month
Time: 10 am
Contact: Susan – 07 871 4426
Email: use contact form below


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Online Support Groups (available as Facebook private groups):

We also have a number of online support groups on Facebook so you can link with others at any time. These are closed groups which means that discussions are not visible to the public. If you would like to join any of the groups or find out more about them, click the links below:

Arthritis Online Support Group

Arthritis Healthy Eating & Exercise Support Group NZ

Gout Arthritis Online Support Group NZ

Lupus Online Support Group NZ

Rheumatoid Arthritis Online Support Group NZ

Psoriatic Arthritis Online Support Group NZ

Fibromyalgia Online Support Group NZ

Osteoarthritis Online Support Group NZ

Camp Families (for families of children who have attended Children's Camp)

Facebook Public Pages:

Arthritis New Zealand Facebook Page

Gout Aotearoa Facebook Page

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