It is hard to get going when I am in pain

We empathise entirely. A few helpful tips follow:

  1. Plan your exercise when your pain management medication is most effective.
  2. Run a movie in your mind seeing yourself exercising as you plan to, and then conjure up the feeling of satisfaction you will feel and the positive effects on your body when you have done it. You could add a personal mantra like “I’ll feel great when I have done this” or “I always feel better when I exercise”
  3. Make a deal with yourself that you only have to do a short amount (say 5-10 minutes), and then, ask yourself if you can do more…chances are that you will have warmed up sufficiently to go on for longer.
  4. Distract yourself from the discomfort you feel by playing some motivating music that inspires you to want to move.
  5. ‘Phone a friend’. Speaking to or exchanging texts with someone who supports you is often the little nudge you need when it is tough to get going.
  6. Dive onto the internet and google websites or Facebook groups that encourage exercise for those in your situation.

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