I don't know what to do or how to get started with exercise

There are many pieces things to consider when creating a regular exercise habit for anyone living with arthritis, or any other chronic condition. Questions to ask yourself when you are deciding your plan of action might include:

What have I done in the past that I have enjoyed? How do I feel about walking, swimming, taking classes, cycling or using weights?

To help you decide and for information about the various forms of exercise and the benefits they bring, visit the forms of exercise page.

What resources are available to me? Are there gyms, pools or appropriate classes in my area?

Visit LiveStronger for a directory of classes for the over 65s. If you live in a rural area you may have fewer options open to you with regard to facilities so a home or online exercise programme may be your best option. Another option is to look into joining a Green Prescription programme which operates throughout the country. You can be referred to Green Prescription by your GP.

Am I sufficiently self-motivated and disciplined to exercise on my own or would I be better in a class situation, with a buddy or a personal trainer?
What are my limitations physically? Does my type of arthritis make it extra important I pace myself and not overdo it?

Speak to your doctor, and read more about your type of arthritis.

Once you have considered the resources available to you and your exercise preferences, set a realistic plan of action. This may be to try out some classes, to talk to a Personal Trainer or simply to start walking every day with a friend. But whatever you decide to do, make a COMMITMENT and get going.

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