Families Camp

What is Families Camp?

Each year in late February or early March, about 30 children, their caregivers, and siblings attend the Arthritis NZ camp for children with JIA and other rheumatological conditions – a weekend filled with fun and information. The camp provides a safe environment for activities like abseiling, flying fox, archery, raft building, kayaking, or they can relax by soaking in the hot pool.

Parents and caregivers get to attend information sessions run by the paediatric rheumatology team who usually spend the Saturday at camp to provide as much education and answers to questions as they can. All while the children are off enjoying the activities with the experienced Youth Leaders and staff of Arthritis NZ.

Who can come to Families Camp?

The camp is for children who have been referred from a paediatric rheumatologist and recently diagnosed with a rheumatological condition.

Health professionals attend to answer parents’ questions, and several young people return every year as leaders and to share their own experience of living with a rheumatological condition.

What is the benefit of attending Families Camp?

Families often find camp a considerable boost as they discover they’re not the only ones living with these conditions. It’s a chance to make friends with others who understand what they’re going through. “I’m not alone anymore,” is a common response.

To find more information about Families Camp, get in touch with us via email or phone. 

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