I’ve been struggling all week to come up with a topic for this blog post. I haven’t felt particularly inspired or creative and have been struggling just to manage day-to-day life. I’ve put it down to the fact that my arthritis has been flaring a bit this week, nothing major, but enough to throw me off my game. I almost gave up but they say to write about what you know so that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do. Here are my tips for getting through those annoying flare-ups.


Tell people what’s going on for you, and what you need. Sure, no one wants to be that person who’s always whinging but if you need or want help, then people need to know. Let your partner know that you won’t be much help around the house for a few days, tell your boss that you’ll need a little more time to get things done, or your friend that you can’t make that coffee date this week. People almost always understand as long as they know what’s going on for you.


It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed when you have heaps of things to get done and barely enough energy to get dressed. The key to staying sane is being ruthless when it comes to deciding what needs to be done now, and what can wait until later. Prioritise those things that are absolutely essential or that will make you feel better. Can the laundry wait for a few days? Let it.


It’s possibly the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling average and sore, and exercise can seem counter-intuitive but some low key physical activity is a great way to stop yourself seizing up completely. It doesn’t have to be boring; make it something you enjoy. Pound the aisles of Kmart, have a dance party in your lounge, go surfing or ride your bike really fast down a hill. Just make sure that whatever you do isn’t going to make things worse and you’re good to go.


Give yourself a break

Look after yourself and accept what you can’t change. A flare is never welcome but it really is something you can’t help, so do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel better, physically and mentally. It’s not very rock and roll but hot water bottles, cups of tea with friends and Netflix with my cat have worked for me this week. Find whatever works for you and do it!

Well, that’s how I cope with a mild flare-up. It’d be great to hear some ideas from you too.

Keep well! from Gezellig