A heartfelt thank you to our volunteers

Monday 5th December is the International Day Of The Volunteer.

Like many charity-based organisations, Arthritis New Zealand says it honours this day because the organisation could not function without its many volunteers.

Arthritis New Zealand is up there with a handful of charities that help hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders daily.

620,000 New Zealanders have a diagnosis of arthritis and there are more than 140 different forms of the condition.

It is one of the most debilitating conditions there is in terms of its effects on mobility and activity and is the leading cause of disability in NZ.

Arthritis New Zealand maintains a service that offers advice, support and education to help people with the condition enjoy better, more productive and pain free lives.

Says CEO Sandra Kirby: “If it weren’t for our dedicated band of volunteers, that service would simply not exist. But because of those fantastic folk, this year we celebrated 50 years of helping improve the lives of those with arthritis in this country.”

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