Natasha Whitewood, also known as Tash from the latest season of New Zealand’s MKR, is running in the Parnell Waiters Race on Sunday November 12th 2017. She  chose this charity because her mum had rheumatoid arthritis for years & she knows the impact it has on not only the person diagnosed but also their loved ones. 

Natasha is undoubtedly a massive foodie, and has a passion for travelling & writing about food, cooking meals that are rustic & refined with a modern contemporary Maori fusion twist loving to work with what you have in the cupboard and inexpensive where possible - often these meals are cooked by taste, not through a recipe.

Natasha was taught how to cook and discovered her passion for food through her Nan, now she shares this passion with New Zealanders and those abroad through her facebook food page #tashzkai & is working on a travelling Kai (food) Vlog over Summer, with future hopes to establish a brand and business in the industry.

Parnell Waiters Race

Kicking off at 11.00am in Fraser Park Parnell, waiters will race against each other in a series of activities up and down Parnell Road to see who gets to hold the coveted title of ‘best waiter in Auckland’ and take away the amazing first prize – A trip to London in May 2018 with an automatic entry into the National Waiters’ Race inHyde Park, plus $6000 of advertising in NZ Best Dining for their restaurant! 

The day is not only for waiters’ but also for anyone who adores food truck festivities. Come and support the contestants – there will be food trucks on site as well as kiddies activities.

Sunday November 12
Fraser Park, Parnell
Various heats will start at 11am with the final race set for around 2.30pm