• Location: Disabilities Resource Centre
    141 King Street, Whakatane, New Zealand 3120
  • Tel: 0800 227 363
    Email: drct@drct.co.nz

Running each fortnight, each event is a standalone session that requires RSVP booking to secure your place. The event is run by the Whakatane Hospital and the Disability Resource Centre in Whakatane

  • 18 July 9:45am
  • 1 August 9:45am
  • 15 August 9:45am
  • 5 September 9:45am
  • 19 September 9:45am
  • 3 October 9:45am
  • 17 October 9:45am
  • 7 November 9:45am
  • 21 November 9:45am
  • 5 December 9:45am
  • 19 December 9:45am

The Rethink Pain Workshop is a FREE, single session, evidence based, pain education workshop. It is offered in partnership through the Whakatane Hospital and the Disability Resource Centre in Whakatane. It is presented by physiotherapist Danyel Degenhardt, who uses pain education, neuroscience, hypnosis, and stories from his personal and professional life to broaden your understanding of what pain is and how to develop your own self management skills.

With links to social media and an online Rethink Pain Workshop Facebook Group, people who attend will be able to reflect on what they have learned and help each other. The goal is to create a more connected community with regards to our health, and to become a leader within New Zealand in the area of pain management.

Please call the DRC at 07 307 1447 to book your spot!

Danyel Degenhardt
New Zealand Registered Physiotherapist
Community Physiotherapist
Whakatane, BOPDHB