The Pain Programme

A six-week online programme to provide helpful information, advice and tools to set you on a path to better pain management.

A pain programme you can do at a pace that suits you. Receive the week’s email on a Monday and work through the information as you please during the week. 

Because it’s delivered to your inbox, you can keep the information and go back to it at any time in the future!

What’s involved?

Sign Up

You will need to fill out a form that captures your contact details and other details about your arthritis and how you currently manage pain.

Take part

Each week we send an email via MailChimp with the week’s information, advice and tools that will teach you ways to manage pain.

Give feedback

For us to measure the effectiveness and continue to improve the Pain Programme, we will need you to fill in an online form upon completion. 

What can I expect to learn?


What is persistent pain? This programme will help you to understand what persistent pain is.


What role does your medication play? Understand how managing your medication can help.

Health Team & Support

We offer advice on how to best communicate with your health team and offer information for ongoing support opportunities.

Joint Protection

What is joint protection? Discover the role it plays in managing pain, and what you can do to protect your joints.

Living Well

Learn how healthy exercise and nutrition help pain and how to find out what works for you.

Mental Well-being

Effective stress management and emotional well-being are an important part in managing long term conditions.


Discover what complimentary therapies are available and how they could help you.


Having flare-up and set-back plans helps you feel in control during a flare. Learn what to consider when making your plan.

Successful Pain Management Continues Here

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