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Daydreaming in Aotearoa

As with anything else, the tougher and more distant the gain, the more satisfying the reward. Walking to location in the pre-dawn half-light, I’m sure that my forever trusty tripod has turned into the heaviest dark slithering wet beastie with a life of its own.

Tim Neal: “Art” is the name of the unwanted guest at my place

Today’s words come to you courtesy of something all who live with ART (my nickname for arthritis) will understand, ...

Help us with our ongoing campaigning for accessible packaging this election year

The ability to open packaging easily is an ongoing challenge for people with arthritis. We frequently have stories shared with us. It is clear that there are difficulties across a range of products and with different kinds of packaging. We know there are particular difficulties with tear open packaging, milk containers, medication and tight lids on jars.

2017: Time to speak up about arthritis during election year!

We are preparing for election year and asking all of our supporters to join us in working to make arthritis a major

Cyclist Tim keeps moving – in spite of arthritis

Tim Neal lives with osteoarthritis and has endured several major operations on his joints. But that won’t stop ...

Kylie Frost: My road to living again with arthritis

Two years ago I left my rheumatologist’s office with nothing more than advice. No further treatment options were ...

New health service helps people with osteoarthritis

A new online programme available in your area is helping people manage their osteoarthritis and share with others who have the condition.  The programme, called MOA (Managing OsteoArthritis), provides access to an online community and a personal health coach. People can also track their mood or symptoms, keep a food and exercise diary, and access other information and resources via the web and mobile app.

“More please” – New arthritis specialist is welcome, but not enough

Palmerston North Hospital has employed a new rheumatologist, bringing much-needed relief to patients suffering from chronic pain. MidCentral District Health Board confirmed a female rheumatologist would be starting in late July.

Life-changing words

“That is all I want in life: for this pain to seem purposeful.” - Elizabeth Wurtzel "Your daughter ...

Day’s dawning

Another long week at work with 50-plus hours on the clock... again, the extrication of self out of an extremely ...

#24HrTim: Life on two wheels

Big day yesterday started my mental conditioning. In endurance sports, you can train the physical side with hours ...

Briar Matley: Living with JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis)

Briar’s parents, Abby and Scott Matley, felt terribly guilty when she was diagnosed with a form of JIA (Juvenile ...

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