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Advocate for mental health, chronic illness and disability. Sometime writer of funnies & fiction. I have osteoarthritis in my hands, feet and spine and am currently being assessed for Ankylosing Spondylitis. About a year ago I had to give up art and my job, which was incredibly difficult – I filled the hole left in my life with writing – to give me a creative outlet, stop me from going crazy and to earn a (tiny) income.

Learning to pace the hobbies

“Use a knife.” “No, use a towel!”” “No, just hit the edge of it against the bench top.” My sister and I were fighting over who was going to open the sticky jam jar lid (deep into mothering mode - mothers can do anything, don’t you know?) and having a laugh. Well, we...

Everyone’s Story Is Different

Everybody has their own story. Everyone’s story is different: What disease they have. How it progressed. How it is likely to progress in the future (if they know). How it affects their lives. How they manage the disease, both physically and psychologically. And how...

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