Congratulations to Kaz on reaching Cape Reinga!

One of the key messages from Arthritis New Zealand is the importance of exercise. However walking from Bluff to Cape Reinga is not suggested!

But for second year nursing student, who doesn’t have arthritis, Kaz Noiri, that’s exactly what he’s done and we celebrate his arrival in the far north today.

Kaz is an amazing young man who gained an interest in those with arthritis while volunteering for an aged care facility. He quickly learned how difficult everyday life was for the people he was caring for who had arthritis, and more importantly, that they didn’t know to call and chat to Arthritis New Zealand.

With the support of his Otago Polytechnic Nursing colleagues he started his planning and set off from Bluff on the 12th October. World Arthritis Day.

Day after day, kilometre after kilometre he has walked. He has walked through sun, snow, earthquake and storm. Whatever the challenges

“My fitbit tells me that 1km =1450 steps meaning Kaz’s step count is somewhere over 2,900,000, said Sandra Kirby, Arthritis New Zealand CEO.

His fundraising total is over $5,218 which is simply amazing and he has had ‘in kind’ support from motels across the country and Four Square Stores. Our understanding is Kaz’s plan from Cape Reinga is to have a day of rest at the Tapotupotu Campsite then head back to Auckland for Monday 19 December. He flies into Dunedin that day

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