In Grandma’s day, weather conditions such as cold and damp were sometimes seen as the cause of ‘rheumatics’ or ‘rheumatism’.  Even though we now know there is no truth in this, the weather can definitely play a part in highlighting arthritis symptoms including pain and early morning stiffness.

Cold, damp conditions in the winter months can really add to the burden of arthritis for many people. For others, it’s humid conditions in the warmer months that can be difficult.

People often notice that warm, dry conditions are helpful for minimising some arthritis symptoms but for most of us, moving to Arizona or Queensland simply isn’t an option!

So what can we do to get through the winter months?

1. Keep moving

If you need some support, motivation or information about low impact activities, try Green Prescription 0800 228 483.

2. Mindful eating

Sweet treats can be even more tempting over the winter months! Try and keep a balance. Even a few extra kilos can add to joint pain.

3. Keep hydrated

Try to drink water or herbal teas. These are good for keeping up energy levels.

4. Layer up

Keep the joints warm by using gloves, knee supports, socks and hats – important for all-over warmth!

5. Stress management

Find what works for you. Keep some energy for enjoyable activities. Hang in there and don’t go it alone – reach out for support. Spring is just around the corner!

Until next time, See ya from Jane