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I work in the engineering sector and grew up on a dairy farm near a tiny town in rural Waikato. I was diagnosed with sero-negative ankylosing spondilitis back in the late 80’s, and have since had further health issues with more arthritis with associated complications. My day generally starts in the dark and finishes long into the night. I try to just enjoy life and get the most out of each day, spending time with my lovely wife and indulging my passion for photography – mostly of cloud formations, seascapes and landscapes.

All in a day’s work

Oh bother, it’s time; and, look, outside it’s dark and raining again. No, it’s hail too, wow, it must be cold, time for the Swanndri. Bah, it’s a struggle, what is it now? Oh of course, yesterday on the river with the whitebaiters in the rain, must’ve gotten wetter...

No one said it would be easy

This blog takes six hours to write up, on average. During the working week I spend a total of 56 hours at home, including sleep time. I struggle with reading and writing, always have, probably always will. What to say? Where to start? Letters, words, and sentences...

Daydreaming in Aotearoa

As with anything else, the tougher and more distant the gain, the more satisfying the reward. Walking to location in the pre-dawn half-light, I’m sure that my forever trusty tripod has turned into the heaviest dark slithering wet beastie with a life of its own.

Day’s dawning

Another long week at work with 50-plus hours on the clock... again, the extrication of self out of an extremely warm, soft and cosy bed on this cold autumnal morning is a toughie. I have to wake up anyway, even if only to silence the alarm that is yet to go off at...

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