Shaping an OA Model of Care for
Aotearoa New Zealand.


2-4 November 2023, Dunedin


The Osteoarthritis Aotearoa New Zealand (OAAoNZ) Committee extends a very warm invitation to key Government Ministers, Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand and Māori Health Authority leaders, colleagues involved in primary care, secondary and tertiary care services, healthcare commissioning and research funding and also consumers living with OA to join us in Dunedin in November and become part of the significant mahi OAAoNZ is undertaking.

We are concerned about health system responses to the growing burden of OA in Aotearoa New Zealand, and the absence of a National Model of Care for managing the condition. We take inspiration from the successful series of significant gatherings or Osteoarthritis “Summits” held in Australia and led by the prominent rheumatologist and world-leading OA expert Professor David Hunter. This work ultimately generated a National Osteoarthritis Strategy for Australia in 2018.

The two key objectives of our kaupapa are

1) To co-create via active partnerships a National Model of Care for Osteoarthritis, and

2) To develop a list of national priorities in osteoarthritis research and innovative health delivery.

This hui aims to include key Government Ministers, Ministry of Health representatives, Te Whatu Ora (Health NZ) and Te Aka Whai Ora (Māori Health Authority) leaders, healthcare commissioning, research funding bodies and consumers in the kaupapa of creating a Model of Care for OA in Aotearoa New Zealand.

A warm invitation is extended to clinicians, researchers, health funders, consumers and advocates with a specific interest in OA management in AoNZ.

We will have limited capacity, and based on our experience last year, we expect the event to sell out.

This event combines the following key activities across three days

Day 1 – Thursday, November 2: Osteoarthritis Aotearoa New Zealand Research Network | Te Anga Kaikōiwi o Aotearoa annual conference
The Osteoarthritis Aotearoa New Zealand Research Network | Te Anga Kaikōiwi o Aotearoa annual conference brings together the osteoarthritis research community of Aotearoa, to hear about exciting current research, facilitate new collaborations, and build capability and capacity in the osteoarthritis research sector. We invite submissions to present your recent, current or ongoing, or proposed research – early career researchers are encouraged to participate (travel scholarships are available to ECRs submitting abstracts for consideration).

Day 2 – Friday, November 3: Taumata Kaikōiwi Aotearoa New Zealand Osteoarthritis Summit 2023
The Taumata Kaikōiwi Aotearoa New Zealand Osteoarthritis Summit aims to facilitate strategic planning for a national response to the growing burden of OA and its consequences, and to galvanise action on addressing this.

Day 3 – Saturday, November 4: Workshop – Co-design of “An Ideal Model of Care for the Management of Osteoarthritis in the Aotearoa New Zealand Healthcare System”
A Workshop is scheduled for the Saturday morning, in which participants will co-design “An Ideal Model of Care for the Management of Osteoarthritis in the Aotearoa New Zealand Healthcare System”, a key initiative of Osteoarthritis Aotearoa New Zealand (OA_AoNZ).

We aim to ensure that all stakeholders in the public health response to OA in Aotearoa are represented in this important Workshop, including consumers, patient & public partners, Māori and Pasifika community representatives, healthcare providers from all interested disciplines, health delivery decision-makers, and evidence-based practice experts.

The Workshop will finish by 1pm to allow delegates to make flights home.

The Full Programme will be advertised closer to the date.

If you have any queries regarding the kaupapa and programme, please contact: or

Confirmed speakers for 2023 include

  • Professor David Hunter (University of Sydney)
    Professor Hunter is a rheumatologist clinician-researcher whose primary research focus is clinical and translational research in osteoarthritis. He is ranked as the leading expert in the world on osteoarthritis on, the Editor in Chief for Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, and has over 600 publications in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Dr Stephanie Filbay (University of Melbourne)
    Dr Filbay is an NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow, Dame Kate Campbell Fellow and Senior Research Associate within the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine in the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne. Dr Filbay leads a team aiming to improve outcomes for people with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury and post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis.
  • Professor Andrew Briggs (Curtin University)
    Professor Briggs co-leads a team in the emerging health policy and systems research field at Curtin University, Western Australia and presented virtually on ‘Building capacity in health systems to deliver high value osteoarthritis care’ at last year’s summit. 
  • Dr Hamish Reid (Moving Medicine)
  • Dr Sarah Mitchell (Hauora a Toi Bay of Plenty)
  • Dr Andrew Connolly (Te Whatu Ora)
  • Dr. Richard Macharg (GP – Wellsouth)
  • Dr Meredith Peddie (University of Otago)
  • Ricky Bell (Te Aka Whai Ora)
  • Professor David Gwynne-Jones (University of Otago)
  • Richard Macharg (Wellsouth, RNXGP)
  • Mathew Kiore (Kia Tai Hina)
  • Martin Kidd (Te Whatu Ora Southern)
  • Ben Darlow (University of Otago)



Venue – Otago Museum

About the OA Research Network Conference

In 2022, a new national initiative in the broad field of osteoarthritis research began at our first Summit.

Te Anga Kaikōiwi o Aotearoa New Zealand Osteoarthritis Research Network has secured initial funding support from the University of Otago. This national OA Research Network aims to:

1) Progress research excellence across the spectrum of research contributing to new knowledge relevant to osteoarthritis.
2) Extend research strength in Aotearoa New Zealand by advancing OA research and facilitating national and international collaboration.
3) Build capability and capacity in OA research by supporting research training and early- and mid-career development of the OA research workforce.

 We invite submissions to present your recent, current or ongoing, or proposed research – early career researchers are encouraged to participate (travel scholarships are available to ECRs submitting abstracts for consideration).  

Contact Professor Haxby Abbott for further details.

About the New Zealand Osteoarthritis Summit 2022 | Taumata Kaikōiwi Aotearoa

Following the success of the inaugural Osteoarthritis Aotearoa New Zealand Base Camp in 2021, the Osteoarthritis Aotearoa New Zealand (OAAoNZ) 2022 Summit built on the foundations laid by this towards:

  • Continuing to co-create a national Model of Care for osteoarthritis care for Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Developing a list of national priorities in osteoarthritis research.

Speakers from Aotearoa New Zealand included Dr Andrew Connolly (Counties Manukau Chief Medical Officer and Chair of Planned Care Taskforce), Rebecca George (HIRA Director- Data and Digital, Ministry of Health), Timi Tapara (Founder and clinical director, Tū Tonu Health Centre, Hamilton), Dr Martin Chadwick (Ministry of Health), Catherine Willis (Te Whatu Ora BoP) and Annalees Jones (Body in Motion), and Philip Kearney (Arthritis NZ Mateponapona Aotearoa).

Presentations covered issues and themes such as considering Te Tiriti o Waitangi when designing OA services, challenges and opportunities in relation to managing weight, a Te Ao Māori approach in primary care, and the role GPs play in OA management.

Attendees also heard panel discussions focusing on priorities for public and patient partnership and equitable health delivery innovation for people with OA and culturally responsive models of care for the management of OA.

Organising Committee 

The 2023 Summit Organising Committee of this multidisciplinary event are

  • Dr Adam Castricum (Axis Sports Medicine) Chair
  • Professor Haxby Abbott (University of Otago)
  • Dr Dane Baker (University of Otago)
  • Associate Professor Rebecca Grainger (University of Otago)
  • Dr Richard Griffiths (Arthritis New Zealand)
  • Martin Kidd (Te Whatu Ora Southern)
  • Dr Sue McGlashan (University of Auckland)
  • Sam Norman (AUT University)
  • Dr Daniel O’Brien (AUT University)
  • Dr Sarah Ward (University of Auckland)
  • Dr Simon Young (University of Auckland)
  • Matthew Kiore (Kia Tai Hina)
  • Dr Richard Macharg (Wellsouth)

Registration Fees


Registration Category

(all in NZ$)

Aotearoa Osteoarthritis Research Network Meeting

Thursday 2 Nov


Taumata Kaikōiwi Aotearoa | New Zealand Osteoarthritis Summit / Workshop 

Friday 3 Nov

Saturday 4 Nov

Senior Medial Officer $175 $425


(Allied health, researcher, health funder, NGO)

$100 $250


Under Grad/Post Grad/ Postdoc

0 $60
People with OA / public* (sponsorship from Arthritis NZ) 0 0
Summit Dinner (Otago University – Friday 6.30-10pm) $65

Direct Flights out on Saturday afternoon

DUD —> AKL ANZ 14.55 direct
DUD —> WEL ANZ 17.00 direct
DUD —> CCH ANZ 15.30 direct

Accommodation – (TBA)

Partners and Sponsors 

Become a Summit Partner

The Osteoarthritis Summit Taumata Kaikōiwi committee is seeking partners to support the Taumata Kaikōiwi | Osteoarthritis Summit 2023. If you are interested in becoming a partner of the Summit or for further information on the OA_AoNZ Summit, please contact:

Dr. Adam Castricum, Sport and Exercise Physician, Axis Sports Medicine Specialists, Queenstown.

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