Election 2020

“To the Health spokespeople of each main political party, here is why you need to provide more support for the more than 700,000 arthritis sufferers in New Zealand…”

As we approach the election this year we are asking people affected by arthritis to ask the main political parties some key questions about arthritis and its management. We are asking supporters to focus on the three main forms of arthritis: osteoarthritis, gout arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (including other forms of inflammatory arthritis), and we have one question about each of these conditions.

We are asking supporters to each ask the same question to enhance our effectiveness, rather than everyone ask a different question.

To make it easy to do this we have created a ‘Letter Generator’ with our question and an easy way to add something about yourself.

You will need to send this message to one or more of the Health spokespeople for each party listed.

We also ask that you send a copy of the letter you generate to us at info@arthritis.org.nz and that you forward responses to us so we can follow up after the election.

To get started, click on the type of arthritis you have (or have experience with).

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