Finding support

Parents of children diagnosed with JIA often talk about the shock of being told their child has a condition normally associated with old age. There can be a range of emotions – bewilderment, anger, denial, and most of all, wondering why.

That’s why connecting with other parents of children with JIA is so helpful. There’s something special about sharing your experience with someone else in similar circumstances who understands exactly what you’re going through.


Online support groups

Some parents of children with JIA like to keep in touch with each other after our annual Children’s Camp. To find out more about their private Facebook group and other online support, phone 0800 663 463 or email


Your Paediatric Rheumatology Team can also connect you with a family with the same type of JIA and often living in the same area.

It is important to remember when talking with other parents about your child’s JIA and treatment that there are different types of JIA and even within these subtypes the condition can behaviour in different ways and require different management.  If the conversations you have with other parents about your child’s JIA and its management leave you with questions we encourage you to talk to your team.


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