How my journey began

Hi there, I am new to this but would like to share a bit of my journey that I have been on. I am 43 years old and a Registered Nurse. I live with my husband and two amazing children aged 12 and 14. About 2 and a half weeks prior to Christmas I started waking up in the...

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Everyone’s Story Is Different

Everybody has their own story. Everyone’s story is different: What disease they have. How it progressed. How it is likely to progress in the future (if they know). How it affects their lives. How they manage the disease, both physically and psychologically. And how...

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It’s the little things that matter

It’s amazing the small things in life that most people take for granted, like simply getting out of bed after a good night’s sleep. Or the jump-up-quickly-because-you-are-late spring that happens and the quick race to get ready for the day. Not the shuffle, roll and...

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My road to living again with arthritis

Two years ago I left my rheumatologist’s office with nothing more than advice. No further treatment options were available. There was no magic pill to make my pain disappear. Over 30 years of searching for an answer and I finally had a diagnosis. I had a name –...

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“Art” is the name of the unwanted guest at my place

Today’s words come to you courtesy of something all who live with ART (my nickname for arthritis) will understand, I’m sure. Next month I take part in my toughest cycling challenge yet – the Le Mans Pearl Izumi 24H Velo. Apart from the physical training, the mental...

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Cyclist Tim keeps moving – in spite of arthritis

Tim Neal lives with osteoarthritis and has endured several major operations on his joints. But that won’t stop him competing next month in the Le Mans Pearl Izumi 24 hour cycling race in France and raising money for Arthritis New Zealand. Tim was first diagnosed with...

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Life on two wheels

Big day yesterday started my mental conditioning. In endurance sports, you can train the physical side with hours and k’s in the saddle, but that can never prepare you for the many things you will mentally have to deal with. The hardest part to train and maintain is...

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When the glass is half empty, not half full

Living with rheumatoid arthritis brings lots of challenges to my life. I’ve had my share of surgeries, planned and unplanned, resulting in differing leg lengths and even a dropped foot. (Makes my love of shoes a killer!) However,...

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Arthritis arrives

I was walking to my car when I dropped my keys. I stood staring at them. I was alone on the large expanse of grass at university. No one was around to help. Now what? Arthritis arrives I was only seven years old when I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis...

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