National Governing Body

As of November 2016


The Governing Body is the legal authority for the organisation. Governing Body members are public trustees representing the interests of the organisation’s members and volunteers and of the wider community, donors and supporters.


As of November 2016

  • Peter Larmer (President)
  • Cate Grace (Southern Regional Representative)
  • Laurie Breadmore (MidlandCentral Regional Representative)
  • Joe Stanton (Northern Regional Representative)
  • Digna Toresen (National Representative)
  • Roy Tiffin (Appointed member)
  • Rebecca Grainger (Appointed Member (NZRA))
  • Martin Lenart (Appointed Member)
  • Steven Renata (Appointed member)


  • To provide strategic direction and leadership for the whole organisation;
  • To ensure the organisation is soundly managed;
  • To work in close partnership with the Chief Executive to ensure the Governing Body’s goals and objectives are achieved, supporting and resourcing the Chief Executive to carry out her responsibilities;
  • To appoint and monitor the Chief Executive, ensuring the organisation employs the best person for the position and provides fair and appropriate terms and conditions of employment;
  • To develop and monitor policies, which provide direction and boundaries for both its own and the Chief Executive’s functions; and
  • To establish Governing Body Committees or working groups as it sees fit.