At the beginning of March, Arthritis NZ staff Zechariah Reuelu and Tracey Kellett spent a wonderful weekend with the team from ProCare at Pasifika 2024. The aim was to raise awareness about gout arthritis management.

The ProCare Ara Hauroa Mobile Outreach Team provided uric acid testing and Arthritis NZ supported with education and information about gout for our Pacific and Māori whānau.  

There was steady flow of visitors to our tent, with the ProCare team screening close to 200 people for gout and there were talanoa (conversation) with many more! 

Gout is the second most common form of arthritis in New Zealand and more prevalent here than anywhere else in the world. Māori and Pasifika people are particularly affected, mainly due to genetic factors. 

Gout causes sudden attacks of severe pain and swelling in the joints, usually starting in the big toe. If left untreated, more attacks may occur and spread to other joints such as knees, elbows, wrists, and fingers. Gout can damage joints and kidneys. Therefore, diagnosis through uric acid testing and getting the right uric acid lowering medication like allopurinol is crucial to living well. 

We received some amazing feedback like: 

“I learnt more than I ever had from my doctors/nurses in the 10-15 years of having gout”.


“You teach gout differently (more clearly) than we had at university studies”.

and even;

“Today, I learned more about gout than in the 10-15 years I’ve been dealing with it,” 

It is feedback like this that made the weekend worthwhile. ProCare and Arthritis NZ also believe in the positive ripple effect from those who were engaged at the event, sharing their new knowledge with family and friends. 

The teamwork of Arthritis NZ and ProCare Ara Hauora showcases the strength of working in partnership to tackle health challenges. 

Malo ‘aupito (many thanks) to ProCare for their support and friendship. We look forward to working with your team on further collaborations in the future. 


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