Pharmac is calling for submissions on a proposal to fund a biosimilar brand of adalimumab (Amgevita) which means that

  • All new patients will start use of Amgevita from 1 February 2022
  • All existing Humira patients whose prescribers think can be changed would need to move onto Amgevita before August 2022

There is also a proposal to widen the access to adalimumab so people can stay on their treatment for 2 years instead of the current 6 months before further assessment is required, and removing dosing restrictions.

Click the button below to read the Pharmac media release about these proposed changes.

Arthritis New Zealand will be making a submission on these proposed changes and we would like your feedback as we will be submitting from a consumer perspective.

We have identified the following key issues for consumers but want your feedback before we finalise our submission:

  • The importance of providing the equivalent of the excellent AbbVie Care which includes supports such as helping with injecting, and access to an online patient community
  • Asking what consumer education would be rolled out with these impending changes and how effectively this can be done within the  timeframe proposed
  • Supporting the timing and prescriber changes proposed as improving access for consumers as highlighted above
  • Queries about easy will it be to access Humira for people who experience adverse effects from Amgevita.

Please email your feedback to
Awareness and Advocacy Manager
Francesca Holloway: 

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