Many people get told by a health professional that they need to lose weight before they can have joint replacement surgery. All too often we have found that many people are not told, or do not understand why this is important and how it will benefit them.

It is important to be a healthy weight before having joint replacement surgery to enable an easier surgery, easier recovery and easier rehabilitation, all adding to the possibility of having the best possible outcome for the surgery.


Easier Surgery, Recovery and Rehabilitation

  • Surgery: reducing surgical risks including
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Blood clots
    • Blood loss
    • Pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in the lungs)

  • Recovery: fewer complications after surgery including
    • Hardware failure
    • Less risk of dislocation
    • Lowered Infection rates
    • Supporting wound healing

  • Rehabilitation: improvement in recovery time
    • Less pain/discomfort
    • Faster mobilising
    • Higher rates of good results from hip and knee replacement surgery

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