Our Fundraising Database Administrator* started off as a volunteer for Arthritis New Zealand, soon after having moved to the country from Mumbai, India, ten years ago.

After 2 months living in her new house and new country she needed a new challenge and so she signed up with Volunteer Wellington to get some New Zealand work experience. One week later she began her volunteer experience working with Arthritis New Zealand.

“I enjoyed volunteering for Arthritis New Zealand and the relationship was reciprocated within a year when a paid position opened, for which I applied and was offered the role. I have made friends that became my new family.”

The core values of the organisation resonated with her own values, so taking up a paid post was the natural thing to do.

Moving to a new country, leaving everyone and everything you know behind to start a new life is one of the most stressful life changes anyone can choose, and our Fundraising Database Administrator has a tip for those in a similar bat today: When moving to a new country, my advice is to find an organisation where you can work voluntary in a similar position that you did in your ‘home country’, make sure the core values match your own as this will give you the tolerance and confidence of working in a new system and understanding a new culture.

*The Fundraising Database Administrator prefers to remain anonymous.

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