Simon and David noticed a need for lower IT costs in the non-profit sector in New Zealand after they formed GoCloud 4 years ago with the mission to provide great IT services.

“We realised early on that non-profits were really trying to make a difference to their cause, but as Information and Technology were left by the wayside and as services moved to the cloud, the costs came down and services became more reliable. GoCloud chose Arthritis New Zealand as a non-profit to provide services free-of-charge to, and delivered better more reliable services at a fraction of the cost (in terms of non-consulting costs) – for example, by moving the email of Arthritis New Zealand to Office 365, GoCloud reduced the associated cost by over $50,000.”

This, in turn, helps to improve the lives of all New Zealanders who are affected by Arthritis as we are able to use those funds elsewhere and have access to good IT systems. Thank you GoCloud!

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