And of something unforeseen, first day home on stand-down as instructed from work yesterday. They’d been trying to contact me over the weekend, but, as we frequent so many of New Zealand’s remote areas where telecommunications are virtually non-existent it’s been persistence that’s paid off for them.

Fortunately, this person works for one of those family companies that place considerable value in their employees and their families, no weekend work and support as much as practical health and well being of all.

Being proactive historically has put them quickly in a position to think of this person in their own weekends to contact this person and a couple of others in similar situations.

This person is truly grateful and appreciative of and to all concerned, and plan to catch up on blogs, and image processing to turn this home time into something positive and to add value to the rare hours here.

Being the first day off this year, it’s kinda different getting up late, though still before sunrise.

It’s the ability to roll with what comes, a positive can-do attitude goes a long way to be able to cope with events. Being of calm mind with a solutions mindset can assist in turning circumstances into learning experiences.

For the last 10 days of the two weeks we’ve been under hut arrest, two things have occurred. Catching up with a garden that did resemble a jungle with vines blackberry and convolvulus the primary perpetrators.

One being disguised amongst a year’s growth of grasses, dock, and general weeds is the blackberry, so a handful of weed on the pull became a finger hand shredder, yay, complete with thorn tips breaking off to become splinters that shall literally rot out in time. Oh, and for those who may mention the word gloves . . . nah, thorn would go through them anyway and besides, the pain is always a reminder of mortality, and that is great as compared to the usual everyday pins and needles. And the pins and needles are again preferred over the numbness that is occurring increasingly often.

Two, the blackberry is preferred over the dock with its taproot that goes through the centre of the earth and beyond to depths unimaginable. You perhaps thought digging parsnip was fun; they’re nothing to an established olde dock with a taproot of only kilometres in length, so the hole gets deeper by the day until each one comes out complete. This person shall win. . . eventually, with patience, persistence, perseverance and generally plodding along, love those p words.

And two, the convolvulus is the worst offender being anbi, travelling both over and underground, with a such a delicate structure it snaps while looking at it wondering the best way to approach the hua. Can’t say this would be a win, and agent orange is in the shed for the next and subsequent attacks as it appears.

Hoping you’re all enjoying your lockdown being locked up in hut arrests throughout this fine land. Where better to enjoy some time to relax, read, and rest, liking these r words better, through combining some of these with the p words like permanently relaxing, and persevering with the reading.

Keep well

Keep your distance

Keep the awareness up


Keep inside your bubbles

Keep safe

Until next. . .

We shall remember the joy of just being here.

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