This year has been a little tougher than the usual start to a year, with the workload loading up a tad more than normal.

Added this year is some significant gardening work round at my Mum’s place, with trees that now are higher than the gutters as they’ve been just been unmaintained for many years now. Yay to being the outdoors child, as the go-to, to fix outdoor things.


This, like everything, is treated as a challenge, and in keeping with moving it while one can before it is lost, even though kinda living on the edge at the moment with things that shan’t be mentioned here.

So without further ado, . . of two large trees, the first, one huge rhododendron is now only about 1.2metre, and hopefully recovering from a 4.5-5.5 metre topping a couple of weekends ago, and four trips to the transfer station; so one mission down.

And, in another week or so’s time another tree that is way taller, and is over the neighbouring gutters, and that too shall have it’s first procedure, being trimmed back to its pollarded height, prior to being cut right out as soon as practical after.

And in-between, yesterday we met midway with family who travelled from up north, with us travelling west and enjoyed some time together at Hamilton Gardens. 



It was kinda surreal as they’ve just recently completed the Surreal Garden, and it was…

Making time for the kids and grandchildren / tamariki me te mokopuna is something special that is always looked forward to.

Somehow the pain and stiffness becomes like white noise and energy is found and the

Day is enjoyed so much.

Things that need to be done are so, and yet we always get through, sometimes with some assistance with the right or even new tools. These can make the job so much easier, quicker with less effort, sometime even safer.

Tamariki and our mokopuna shall always have our hearts, and their pure innocence, and joy on seeing us, especially after a gap when they come running and leaping onto us in greetings lift spirits in all.

They have no understanding of our ailments, and that’s perfect, and shall always remain so.

Yet in all that, they do sense things aren’t always as it seems, and, when they hold your hand or when they look into your eyes when asking questions, even while this person is sitting on the chilly bin when this person is cooking up a roadside brew on the car stove, there is a sensitivity that passes.

At that point any pain and stiffness dissipates into the ether, and the love that is there shall override any pain and stiffness on its’ return later in the week.

Hoping you all enjoy your time this weekend and upcoming. May you find your solutions forthcoming in whatever form you need.

Until next. . .

We shall remember the joy of just being there.

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