Many shall not find the same, and that’s fine, entirely respecting that and those.

For this person, tis a beautifully wet n’ freezing day out, loving t’ winter the truths, the raw power, and the opportunity to let light and wind pass through, like a windowless frame, it shows.

For nothing shall be hidden in the naked rawness that is nature, the power, the warmth that is more appreciated than any other time of year.

Trees cannot hide ‘neath the cladding that has become but the warming softest carpet of leaves we walk upon during the late autumn early winter.

The beautiful structures of the trees, of a lifetime of life’s’ weathered scars, open to the world; bare, and honest, for all to see.

The raw power of the icey winds is felt in many ways and enjoyed, feeling alive to be able to feel it at all. The naked tree structures now let the wind through, unhindered, like the light.

Light and what warmth that emanates from the sun and skies can now pierce thru the open structure, and permeated and penetrate through warm that leafed carpet, from whence other life can begin.

The fragile of the most fragile’est fungi family, so easily broken, damaged ‘n destroyed, yet tough enough to break through the summer’s sun tough case-hardened soils.

Skin ‘n gills so weak, yet a structure so strong, ‘n enough to lift the kilos of wettened leaf carpets, yet/and move twiggy sticks aside.

We can be like the strong, as we are already. We warriors of our wars, both internal and external fight our everyday face, our futures, and battles. We can, must and do win, somehow and in some way.

We can too brush aside the obstacles in our way, with a little warmth from those about us.

We do have tough skins, as we’ve made it this far, and though we’ve a lifetime ahead of us, we’ve enjoyed a lifetime thus far.

The past has and shall prepare us for what through the next door, no matter what shan’t expect, that’ll be a bridge we’ll be crossing in due course, with or without assistance.

There are always others fighting their battles, and some may be on their short and final approaches. They know, and yet, they face it with a determination that the sun shall always arise and we’ll make it.

This person, as some of you may be aware, is driven. Aside from the introverted, communication, and dyslexic issues, can rise above his lot.

He has enjoyed this lifetime, and shall continue to do so, AS, RA, and everything else, is used as fuel to keep the battles contained, inside, manageable, while helping others as a distraction, and somehow gain further strength to enjoy the next image hunt throughout the upcoming storm season.

Hoping you all enjoy your time this weekend and upcoming. May you find your solutions forthcoming in whatever form you need.

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