The cooler temperatures herald the first visual signs, when Papatūānuku begins her show, it’s her in the spotlight, with the changes in light colour and angle we know and expect to bring out her best.

autumn in new zealand With the change in season, are too, the daylight hours that dwindle, meaning longer sleeps all being well, and as we warriors and all those of us photogs out there get a little extra shut eye.   Though,  more travelling in the dark hours does kinda come with this territory, just to be onsite; on location for the sunrise.

The autumn light is uniquely special, and well worth the dark hour extraction to wait in the icy cold to be on scene to see such beauty as it unfolds in this beautiful warm light.

While waiting; . . . resident wetland avian life has gotten the time to be used to these extras around and have relaxed; and when the sun hits the inevitable water surfaces, wee mistynesses   rise in micro thermals, while unseen piscean life comes alive to feast on the solar heated bug life so the water bubbles and splashes to this frenzied feeding feast.

There’s times when the feathers n fins collide when focussed on the same breakfast bug. When this occurs, the wetted feathered species has to regain altitude with attitude, promptly,   before it in turn becomes untinned tuna, eel, or trout brekky. This of course is size dependent as the larger feathered friends are relatively safe to regain their respective roosts.

It is this we must always achieve; to be able to pick ourselves up, unaided, and – not necessarily as quickly-, to continue the battle. Yes, there are disappointments and tougher rougher days than most. There shall always be an ever-increasing amount of time spent uncomfortable as weeks become years in the blink of a season, this is mortality.

The good times we must fight for more than others, but the rewards are there for those that make it. The achievable goals we set and go for must be tangible, and the greater the effort, the rewards are equally more satisfying.

The sights and sounds are perceived to be sharper, clearer, and varied, with the scents and smells richer, more identifiable, and generally, the reality is that we are more aware of what’s there around us as we immerse ourselves into where we are.

The journeys to and from shared with a loved one can be perfect. Even more special when lived apart a lot, so in guaranteed seclusion, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations can be shared, inspirations inspired. This leads to paths less travelled, locations can be from memories past, or those yet to be determined, life together focussed outward on the other.

Enjoy autumn. Be yourself, be strong, take the focus outwards as this lessens the pain by spreading the intensity, so to enjoy each day the best possible, and make those journeys now, not later. Later has a habit of being always just over the horizon.

This person’s journeys are to newer locations further afield.

Arthritis New Zealand

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Knee exercise for people with arthritis: video 2 of 7, the leg stretch.

As with any form of exercise, if you get a lot of pain with any of these exercises, stop and seek advice from a physiotherapist. You can also ask your GP to recommend suitable exercise, especially if you have had joint replacements. A physiotherapist can ensure you have been properly assessed and that your exercises are appropriate for you.

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Prof. David Hunter tells an #osteoarthritis group in Wellington that cost-effective interventions for reducing obesity include taxes on junk food and sugary products. ...

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Today, in Christchurch, was the first presentation to health professionals by #osteoarthritis expert Prof. David Hunter. He painted a picture of what effective osteoarthritis management and treatment can look like. More than 400,000 people in Aotearoa New Zealand have osteoarthritis. ...

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Arthritis New Zealand

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