Aaannd February . . . just, went.

It’s been such a frenetic year so far, and through circumstances outside the fence, this person has had to deal with so much so soon, with no backup, and no one to turn to. This is to keep up the appearances of keeping it all together. At work and at home, so far, has been reasonably successful.

One fear is of losing it, and the second is both of losing it again, and not regaining what once this person had before he lost it.

Sooo, on a more pleasant note…

Last month we touched on memories, and how we built on them for future happiness, we also found we need our own space and time.

This person and his beautiful and ever patient wife, have spent many, many hours back and forth to the Coromandel coastline image hunting and our own time out, together and alone with each and our personal thoughts and time-outing.

This month’s image is of a favourite tree, the coastal character, our Pohutukawa Perimeter, the red-lining between Tangaroa’ turbulent ‘n turquoisian waters of tranquillity and Papatuanuku’ emeraldine earthly treasures.

Like all arthritic battlers, each day we face our storms, be it physical, physiological, personal, mental, yet usually all of the above and more. Each day we face the arthritic storms, and those conditions that become an additional battle as if the arthritis isn’t enough of a challenge. Each day we’ve to face just getting up, let alone work and all its issues, or even family, and those who fail to understand or even are empathetically challenged for whatever reason.

We remain fighting it alone, in our headspaces, and dealing with whatever we are faced with in our own ways. The storms are always there, with only variances in intensity, or where the focus may be for that time or period.

The beauty of the coast

This person loves the coast, the wilder the better. The coolness or even iceyness of the wind, with the feel, smell, and sting of the driven salt laden air combined with the eternal crashing of the waves on the rocky tree lined coastline is pure hypnotic.

coromandel, hotriggeredkiwi
Coromandel, by Hotriggeredkiwi

Even the hardest rocks look soft at a distance, through dusk’s summers dust and salt particle laden air, the light too is softened and the movement of coastal fauna, the flaxes, and the branch tips of the pohutukawa trees blur in the dynamics of the moment, of the time. Time becomes lost in this softness, and the tears shed during these moments of relief, alone, are the sigh of the time. Any tears shed are of an appreciation of the beauty that does surround us, no matter the degree of suffering we endure.

Like the coastal characters of the pohutukawa perimeter. Tortured, twisted trunks and limbs of torment thru time, remain standing. . . and proud. We even rise above the flaxes, the harakeke to make ourselves stronger and tougher, to protect those about us, because we do have the strength within, the resilience, toughness and temperament to make time timeless. Our minds are the key, and thru our minds, we can accomplish anything, beyond our own and others expectations.

Enjoy the weeks coming, be the strength of others, because it’s so easy for us to do so. The colour is appearing, and as one season meets its dusk, dawn and her colours of new season arrive. This person has more trips planned, and somewhere new is always just over the fence.

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