An update on the Arthritis New Zealand research funds for 2019. Each year Arthritis New Zealand fund a range of research with the overriding aim “improving the life of every person affected by arthritis”.

In 2018 the Arthritis New Zealand research fund was directed at increasing the number of summer scholarships to 6 and funding a much-demanded update of economic data – “The Economic Cost of Arthritis in New Zealand, 2018”. This report was launched in Parliament and is available in the Reports section of our website.

Currently a review of the research strategy is underway to ensure that Arthritis New Zealand is part of contributing to the growing body of research that documents and describes the impact of arthritis on the individual, the community and the wider New Zealand society. This will be reflected in some of Arthritis New Zealand priorities that include the development of programmes, equity and impact of interventions.

A research strategy paper will go to the Board for consideration in March 2019.

There are special funds with conditions for distribution. Without compromising the original intent of the fund these are being reviewed, where possible, to make them more relevant and accessible to a wider pool of candidates.

If you require any further information, then please do not hesitate to contact Cathie Morton –

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