This person feels like battling the loneliness of the mind.

In-between, the loneliness lives on, not literally, just in the head, and more on that battle in a minute or three.

It’s all about keeping moving, not letting the grass grow; and maintaining the silence.

We all are fighting our battles, each in our own way, in our own time and our own places and in our own ways. Many are fortunate to have family and/or friends to call on, and be called upon, others are not so.

This introverted person operates with an exceptionally strong headspace. To outside appearances, keeping oneself heading north, in fair thru foulest weather, tis the easiest thing.

Inwardly, the tempestuous turmoil is such at times, tears flow nightly, amidst frequent nightmares n’ sleepless nights, always in silence. This is the roughest ‘n toughest target, keeping this boiling trouble ‘neath the surface, seemingly in control, whilst wearing the ever-present smiley face and the maintained focus on the job, surrounds and surrounding people.

It’s this driven silence that is keeping the momentum. It’s a major component of never giving up or in, as to admit would be a failure on this-self, on the mission at hand, and would the admitting become more common if it’s done once, would it be easy or easier to do again at a lesser level.

The silence has been so easy to maintain from a lifetime of so, and easy also due to having had so very few persons alive to trust the confidence to, without it going any further. Being far too comfortable in the company of one has assisted in this and with others fighting their own battles, (and often struggling with that) this person has two choices.

Anything that goes on in this headspace never ever sees the darkest lights of hell on the darkest nights, let alone the light of day. Wow, imagine if people could see thoughts, especially this person’s . . . nay, . . far too scary. They’re even far too scary in the deepest, darkest, depths of headspace let alone letting them out, even by accident . . . especially by accident.

One, to keep the self silence active; and two, to strive to assist the other/s where possible, with the triple benefits of self distraction and a selfless empathy and satisfaction of helping others to make their day a little more positive than it might’ve been.

Headspace resetting occurs with total immersion in Papatuanuku / mother nature. Usually water, is there or nearby, and it matters not whether it’s salty or fresh it only matters to be where one can become a part of where this person is. This is the reset, this for this person is the opposite of the working week, and this is a very happy place.

Methods as described may not work for all or even a few, yet has and does work for this person and his favourite better half.

Find and enjoy your happy places. Enjoy them for as often, and as long as you can. If it suits and pleases you, share this space-place, but only with someone especially close, and only to those who understand why this needs to be so for you.

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