This person feels… supported.

This person loves his work, and being there is an integral component of a balanced life. It’s the challenging aspect, the making of either parts of or entire machines, and, of keeping production and machinery operating as a part of small and larger teams.

Our work environment is built around support and empowerment, constantly improving, based on trust and being the best person you can be, professionally, personally, and socially.

Having been always a type A personality even from primary school age having a (long) set list of chores to do each day on a dairy farm, it was never an issue. These chores assisted in helping become driven, to achieve a personal best in everything approached and each challenge taken head on, no fears, no regrets, with time frames to get them all done either prior to darkness or prior to catching the rural bus to school.

Work is definitely used as a distraction, yet all motivating and therapy. It keeps this person active, through physical activities, walking kilometres a day inside factory walls, bending and twisting, gaining measurements of machinery.

Work places me physically closer to a hospital with a decent rheumatology centre, with access to additional treatments that are way, way, closer than where we live. For example, melanoma removals that are becoming increasingly common as each year goes by.

My supervisor is more a colleague and a friend as he has sat by this person outside of work hours while waiting for emergency treatment. He truly appreciates the silly hours this person works and actively assists this person in being on time with medical treatments that is typical of the supportive culture within our work team.

This person has always had an outside interest in the visual arts; the right brain has always experienced a thorough workout being creatively-driven, of being intuitive, instinctive, thoughtful and subjective. The balance is, is that this person’s work, in having to be constantly analytical, logical and objective, so one does compliment the other in so many ways.

There’s an extra bonus of work, and of being there so many hours each week is that they have become a family away from home. Work is where we actively look out for each other, as mates, just the same as we would within our blood family. It’s where we respect each as an individual, especially those with medical challenges and what to do in a crisis, or when certain events occur.

In the end, for this person anyway, it’s also the satisfaction of fulfilment and time to be able to research upcoming projects and time with my lovely supportive wife.

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