This person feels tired yet satisfied.

This last week has been longer than the usual longness. Most working weeks are accomplished in fifty hours plus / minus a couple or three. This week was INXS of 55 and yet, didn’t feel like it. Well, ‘cept the foots’s. This person’s foots’s were tender by evening having clocked up many kilometres during the twelve hour shift.

The balance was walking from where the car ended up being parked to the Rheumatologists and back. The bonus this time was this person found out that it was permitted to park outside the Rheumatology building, only took over seven years to find that gem of information out. Still, this person shall walk wherever possible, no pain no gain . . . To Serve, to Strive and Never ever Yield, and never let the bastard (Arthritis / barstool) win.

One highlight, or, should that be the second highlight of the year, this person’s daughter came up from Christchurch, and with her daughter.

Some very special days with them, visiting some new places for them, and introducing them to some of our favourite places to help create those extra special moments. This person might now have to process a couple or three images of those wee moments.

She is one of my few rocks in this life, and everything else becomes so much easier to cope. There shall always be the pain, and the mortality of this life may knock on the door sometime. This person does consider that if we’ve something to hold onto, life becomes so much easier, perspective is reconfirmed and the focus remains the future and all that may come.

We all have our favourite places, and ways of dealing with life, and one of this persons methods is art, be it visual or music. . . particularly the 70’s – 80’s. Many of the lyrics, especially music that has so much depth that it is art in its own right, offer an escape.

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