My name is Jordyne and I am 24 years old.

I have been involved with Arthritis New Zealand, particularly Kids with Arthritis for many years. I have arthritis myself, and attended several camps when I was young enough to be a ‘kid’ with arthritis.
When I was given the opportunity to attend the camps as a volunteer I didn’t think twice. It’s amazing to be able to help newly diagnosed children and their families. The camp for children with arthritis  doesn’t just provide a place for children to have fun and meet others with the same condition, it is also an educational forum and full of support.

I finished my nursing degree over three years ago, and have recently left hospital nursing to nurse in the community. I still see my rheumatologist every six months and have found a medication and lifestyle regime that has improved my health a lot. Having lived with arthritis myself allows me to share my own experiences and part of my journey to provide tips and ways to manage living with arthritis throughout  childhood and adolescent years.

I am so excited to go to another camp in March, and be a part of the great work that Arthritis New Zealand is doing for kids with arthritis and their families

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